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Hazard Assessments  

The first step in creating a safer work-site for employees is identifying what hazards exist and determining what can be done to mitigate these hazards. Our consultants are trained to conduct onsite hazard assessments to identify as many OSHA violations as possible. When violations are identified, they are presented with the OSHA code that outlines legal expectations, as well as possible corrective actions or solutions. This method of presentation is designed to give you all the information you need to correct hazards to avoid OSHA citations should they inspect your work-site.

In addition to helping you meet your legal requirements, our consultants can also help you go beyond OSHA compliance. In addition to the OSHA violations shown in reports, we also will put in recommended changes. These topics bring up ways of making the workplace safer in situations where the law is met but safety could still be improved.

The report we create satisfies OSHA’s requirements for an assessment of work-site hazards and also for an assessment of what PPE can be used and should be used. The findings and recommendations for both assessments are put together to make one document that has all of the information you need to reduce or eliminate exposure to hazards.

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